@busycircuits Hi ! Do you have any idea when the Squid Salmple will be available at non-UK stockists ? busycircuits.com/alm022/

Really like this song “La gaille à la tchouppe qui r’bique” by Christophe Meyer. Sadly, I can’t find it on CD or Spotify. overcast.fm/+5dOKLezU/13:02

Le spectacle de ma Fête des Vignerons est absolument magnifique. Le seul bémol pour moi est qu’on ne comprend rien aux chants.

The Squid Salmple looks so cool ! I was sure what would be my next module. Now, maybe I'll change my mind. busycircuits.com/alm022/

imgix's "Pay As You Go" plan seems appealing until you discover that you have to pay a $10 monthly minimum. For a personnal website it's too pricey imgix.com/pricing

So, there’s a Swiss modular synth company ! CaviSynth is based in Geneva and they have some interesting modules cavisynth.com

Finch Conference has a very nice line-up. And I visited Edinburgh only twice several years ago and I really enjoyed it. Perhaps I will be back… finchconf.uk

Why did I wait so long buying a tickets for @smashingconf !? Now, all workshops are sold out … smashingconf.com/freiburg-2019

A bit sad when you get a new eurorack module and there’s no screws in the box

@ericasynths Hi ! Is there any release date for the pico drums2 ?

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