Cat & patch cables …
My cat love lying on the table when I play with my modular synth. The only problems are that she is always in the way and she like to bit the cables. She know how to get under my skin.

New addition in the rack: the @mutable_instrum Branches
Moar randomness in the beats !!! Yeah !
Merci Émilie 🙏

lazygit is a really nice Git interface for your terminal. I haven't test a merge with conflict yet. (This will be the ultimate test)

If you want to know how I use Radio Music to choppe samples to do microhouse before the world, I wrote an article about that on Patreon

Testing @intellijel Quadrax new firmware.
I really like the random LFO. Great job !
My only complaint is: the direction of the Rise knob in burst mode is not logic for me. Shorter burst length should be CCW.

There a new jam by me available on my Patreon. It’s done with my modular system.
I will try to use this plateform to share my music and try to get a little money. (But honestly, I think it’s a dream.)

Really impress by @sononym to manage samples library. The only missing thing is a converter when exporting audio files.

This is the 6th or 7th time I have watched this video. It contains so much good advice. Thanks pal @mylarmelodies

Another build done !
The @bastlinstrument Kompas pair with @mutable_instrum Grids is the perfect match to trigger six of eight channels of the @busycircuits Squid Salmple.
I love this combo.

This thing is dope !
I just finish to build the @divkid Mute. It was not as easy as I expected. But it’s so fun to play with it.

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