Hello, @Befaco [Hexmix](befaco.org/hexmix/ "Hexmix product page on Befaco’s website) !
Now, I have a lot of channels to bring some noise !

Nous avons testé les capuns. Une spécialité grisonne quelque part entre la soupe du chalet et les spätzlis. On recommande. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capuns

Ca explique pourquoi je ne peux pas synchroniser mes chouette ballades dans les Grisons. Garmine aurait subit une attaque informatique “Garmin hit by massive outage after possible ransomware attack - The Verge” google.ch/amp/s/www.theverge.c

J’aime beaucoup les gens qui commentent sur Facebook, Instagram ou WhatsApp qu’ils ne veulent pas installer l’application SwissCovid de peur d’être traqués.

Looking for (good looking and) reusable masks in Switzerland. Do you have any recommendations? 😷 🎭 🦠
Extra point if handmade …

Rnd Step by @DivKid and @SteadyStateFateis here. Perfect timing for the week-end.
The main reason why I get this module, is to humanise my patch. Adding some randomness is always good.
Another thing I can’t wait to test, is creating a bassline based on a meldody from the Bloom. Mainly b... alienlebarge.ch/photos/2020/07

After testing it for a few days, I subscribed to the @heyhey email service. The workflow is so suited to the way I deal with messages.
Congrats to the whole team for well though work.

@heyhey A few days ago, I spotted a way to create a shareable URL of an email. I can’t find it anymore. Is it always possible ?

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