There's three accessible way to display number with thousand separator:

use a dot: 79.460,90 £
use a space: 22 450 CHF

do not use apostrophe. (aria-hidden and aria-label techniques do not work)

All notation other than comma for thousands separatore and dot for decimal fractions separator generate confusion. And of course, that's why they're being promoted, right?

@kot We do not use the same separators all over the world. For example, in Switzerland we use the apostrophe for the separator of thousands and the comma for the decimals: 10'000,90

The tests we've done with screen readers tend to say that you have to use the dot or the space in order for the number to be pronounced correctly.
The apostrophe is pronounced "foot" by the screen reader.

@kot From a visual point of view, I think it's best to use space as a thousand separators. If a digit has a dot and a comma, these two characters are very close visually and can be confusing for people with visual problems.

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