Finally, I get my first @wmdevices module. The Fracture was for a long time on my radar. Now, it sit in my rack doing quirky clap and bottle sounds.

Finally, those four bad boys are assembled. I spent four evening soldering each one of these amazing Prok modules didicated to drums duties.
I played a little with theme and they sound fantastic. Next step is two tweak sounds to build my own performable drum library.

On jouait à ce jeu quand on avait la vingtaine avec nos amis. C’était vraiment des chouettes moments.
Ça fait tout drôle maintenant d’apprendre à jouer à Elixir à nos enfants. Mais les fou rires sont toujours au rendez-vous.
Saperlipopette !

My DIY eurorack case is finally finished. The last missing rails arrived today.

I never own a Clouds. I was waiting for the v2. And here is Beads. After some hours playing with it, it looks like it will be often used in my patch. It sound so niiiice !

Work in progress. A 14U x 104hp Eurorack case with Konstant Lab PSU and MDLR Case rails

Blades dual multimode filter from @ has just landed !!!
Can’t wait to play with it. I sincerely do not know what to expect from it as the field of exploration is big.

Stages is a module I am interested in since I started Eurorack two years ago. Now I got one. After playing a few minutes with it, I’m asking myself if I need two of them. The design of it is so elegant and well thought.

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