Wahoo a big THANKS YOU to the whole @smashingmag@twitter.com team.
The t-shirt is so classy. 👌

RT @hdv@twitter.com: The new color contrast feature in Firefox's Accessibility Dev Tools is fantastic. When there's not one contrast ratio (because inconsistent background), it will show what the contrast ranges between (eg between fail and AA).

🐦🔗: twitter.com/hdv/status/1072768

RT @dugboticus@twitter.com: “A set of 10 cards, that basically translate all the relevant parts of WCAG in heuristics you can more easily work with.”


Brilliant work by @dboudreau@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/dugboticus/status/

This book is so much fun. Can’t wait to collect data with the kids.

iOS est compatible avec l’expression « 22, voilà les flics »

Asking myself if I will go back to paper for my . I’ve tested GoodNote App for 3 month now and I have not come across any real advantage over paper. mastodon.alienlebarge.ch/media

With the kids at "La désalpe". It was a great day 🐮🇨🇭⛰

In French-speaking Switzerland, we call "désalp" the transhumance of herds of cows that descend from the alp for the winter. mastodon.alienlebarge.ch/media mastodon.alienlebarge.ch/media

Make this font bigger ... nope taller ... nope ... give it moar gravity.
Thanks you @glyphe@twitter.com for your talk. It was 👍👌
« Conquer Variable Web Typography » mastodon.alienlebarge.ch/media

Dirty secrets of Frontend

« New Adventures In Front-End, Season 2 » with @smashingmag@twitter.com was a lot of fun ... even if we haven’t show the 1’854 slides mastodon.alienlebarge.ch/media

Size things based on content.

@rachelandrew sized and aligned things using ninja tricks from the Grid Specs in here talk « Unlocking the Power of CSS Grid Layout ». mastodon.alienlebarge.ch/media

Alexa, will you marry me ?

That’s my of @raffaelarein@twitter.com talk « Design without interface - the future of experience design » mastodon.alienlebarge.ch/media

Please, do not let Alexa watch the TV.

Here’s my of @bigmediumjosh@twitter.com talk « Design in the Era of the Algorithm » at mastodon.alienlebarge.ch/media

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