The Hexmix system is completed. The @Befaco Hexpander is screwed in the rack to take care of effects sends and PFL.

What is better than having one @steadystatefate Autodyne ?
Having two of them !
One Autodyne was not enough. I purchased a second one for stereo galore in my live techno system. These compression modules make your sound punch you right in the face.

Hello, @Befaco [Hexmix]( "Hexmix product page on Befaco’s website) !
Now, I have a lot of channels to bring some noise !

After testing it for a few days, I subscribed to the @heyhey email service. The workflow is so suited to the way I deal with messages.
Congrats to the whole team for well though work.

Hello Autodyne !
Autodyne is a 4hp compression and distortion eurorack module by SSF (Steady State Fat).
It will glue together all sounds coming out from my rack.
The weather is great today but the call of the bass strong is … stronger. I will spend the evening in the studio.

Thanks @signalsounds!
It was my first order and not the last one. The service is friendly and helpful. Top quality !
(Thanks for the extra cables)
Can’t wait to hear what the Zzzorb can do.

The weather is warmer. I can redo modular sessions on the terrace in the evening. That’s cool !
Thanks @supercelinette for the photo.

Merci M. Uderzo pour tous ces rires que vos dessins m’ont procuré. Astérix et Obélix, c’est toute ma jeunesse. J’espère que ça sera celle de mes enfants aussi par Toutatis …

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