Compare 2 is my first @joranalogue module and my first logic module.
Right now I’m doing some tests like creating rhythm based on tempo synced LFOs or launching events based on melody.
I feel like I’m going to have a good time with this one.

Sentier des biches à l’envers depuis les Pléiades.
Vue depuis Lally sur le lac Léman

Pretty happy with the 104hp 7U system I built for vacation. I love doing some noise in the garden.
Who can guess the modules ?

Day 10: Apparently it’s not today that I’m going out of the hospital

Day 4: I continue to take my antibiotic treatment by being connected all day long to this device which allows to monitor the state of my heart.

Finally, I get my first @wmdevices module. The Fracture was for a long time on my radar. Now, it sit in my rack doing quirky clap and bottle sounds.

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