What’s better than an afternoon of sledding ?
An afternoon of sledding where there is no need to walk back up …

Yeah ! My present from @supercelinette is the Bible of modular.
Thanks ! ❤️

The forest under the snow is beautiful. I particularly like how quiet and calm it is.

The build of Castor & Pollux by @wntrblm went smoothly. The module with his glowing stars is wonderful in the night. My kids said it is the prettiest.
And the packaging is 5 stars ! Love it.
I really had a great time soldering it. winterbloom.com/shop/castor-an

Hello droid !
My first plan (but not the only one) is to configure a drum sequencer with this Droid modules. shop.dermannmitdermaschine.de/

Compare 2 is my first @joranalogue module and my first logic module.
Right now I’m doing some tests like creating rhythm based on tempo synced LFOs or launching events based on melody.
I feel like I’m going to have a good time with this one. joranalogue.com/products/compa

Sentier des biches à l’envers depuis les Pléiades.
Vue depuis Lally sur le lac Léman

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