My DIY eurorack case is finally finished. The last missing rails arrived today.

I never own a Clouds. I was waiting for the v2. And here is Beads. After some hours playing with it, it looks like it will be often used in my patch. It sound so niiiice !

Work in progress. A 14U x 104hp Eurorack case with Konstant Lab PSU and MDLR Case rails

Blades dual multimode filter from @ has just landed !!!
Can’t wait to play with it. I sincerely do not know what to expect from it as the field of exploration is big.

Stages is a module I am interested in since I started Eurorack two years ago. Now I got one. After playing a few minutes with it, I’m asking myself if I need two of them. The design of it is so elegant and well thought.

Because, you never have enough VCA. Here is the 2020 version of @mutable_instrum Veils.
I was short on VCA so I bought an elegant one from one of my favorite Eurorack manufacturer.

First board of the Befaco Crush Delay done !
It’s time for a break.

Balade au départ de Villars avec première partie en train puis une petite marche depuis Bretaye jusqu’au lac des Chavonnes. Tout le monde s’est bien amusé et la marche est adaptée au tout petit.
Une journée top.

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