First board of the Befaco Crush Delay done !
It’s time for a break.

Balade au départ de Villars avec première partie en train puis une petite marche depuis Bretaye jusqu’au lac des Chavonnes. Tout le monde s’est bien amusé et la marche est adaptée au tout petit.
Une journée top.

The Hexmix system is completed. The @Befaco Hexpander is screwed in the rack to take care of effects sends and PFL.

What is better than having one @steadystatefate Autodyne ?
Having two of them !
One Autodyne was not enough. I purchased a second one for stereo galore in my live techno system. These compression modules make your sound punch you right in the face.

Hello, @Befaco [Hexmix]( "Hexmix product page on Befaco’s website) !
Now, I have a lot of channels to bring some noise !

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