@aral I managed to do it. Here's the command I used: `$ rename -p 's~(\d{4})_(\d{2})_\d{2}_(.+)(\.md)$~$1/$2/$3/index.md~' *.md`

@aral Thnaks for your help Aral.

I messed up my exemple of what I try to achieve.
Here it is:
2005_03_19_this_is_the_filename.md -> 2005/03/this_is_the_filename/index.md
2007_07_23_another_filename.md -> 2007/07/another_filename/index.md
2021_01_12_filename.md -> 2021/01/filename/index.md
( you can view it here: alienlebarge.ch/notes/20220609 )

I need some help.
I’m looking for a technique to rename a bunch of files and folders.

2005_03_19_this_is_the_filename.md -> 2021/01/filename/index.md
2007_07_23_another_filename.md -> 2021/01/filename/index.md
2021_01_12_filename.md -> 2021/01/filename/index.md

Here’s the regex I want to use:

* Regex: /(\d{4})_(\d{2})_(\d{2})_(.*).md/gm
* Substitusion: $1/$2/$4/index.md regex101.com/r/F9zU3z/5

I’m selling some Eurorack modules (Switzerland only):

* Qu-Bit Bloom fractal sequencer
* Malekko Heavy Industry Voltage Block CV sequencers ricardo.ch/fr/a/malekko-heavy-

Can’t wait to learn what those 3 top secrets @busycircuits module are:

* ASQ-1 sequencer
* MEGA-TANG mixer ?
* the blurry one

> Imagine having enough money to end world hunger and buying a website instead
> — Emma on Twitter twitter.com/emma__jayne14/stat

> The amount Elon Musk just paid for Twitter ($44 billion) is nearly equal to Biden’s proposed climate budget ($44.9 billion), in case anyone’s wondering how seriously we’re taking the climate crisis
> — @stephensemler twitter.com/stephensemler/stat

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