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After embracing POSSE publishing model, I’m asking myself if I need to keep my mastodon server.

This commitstrip made me laugh… sadly, because it’s so true. Today, website are full of Javascript. And I think a lot of it can be reduced or removed.

Today, I’ve updated my RSS and JSON feed. This had some consequences.
I use the POSSE content publishing model. It means that I write on my own site and then the content is cross-posted on my social account.
The central piece of all that is I give a JSON feed to Mi...

Are you tired to cd to your working directory when hitting
CMD and d ?
This little config will tell iTerm to open split windows in the current
directory and save you a lot of time.

Go to Preferences
Select the Profiles tab
Select the General tab
In the Working Directory section check t...

This site tests which new HTML5 features are accessibly supported by major browsers.

Shows how different WAI-ARIA attributes behave in commonly used screen readers.

On the same model as a Kickstarter campaign, Bandcamp will offer a new service to press vinyls with your music.

Some good advices by the accessibility team at
Accessibility lessons: dealing with a large amount of form inputs - Accessibility in government

Feedbin is a great service and I love using it. One thing I miss, is the ability to follow Instagram user without using one of these Instagram-to-RSS services.

This is just a pen to help you to choose colors for your design. Fork it and tweak the custom properties.
And stop using HEX colors, HSL is so much easier.

When you start watching videos on modular synthesizers and you are looking about what you need to start a system, can this be dangerous for your bank account ?
It looks so exciting !

Just curious, where do you buy your vinyl records ?
I used to buy them online on Bleep. But I just discovered that, you can buy them on Bandcamp, so I just ordered some of Accidental Records latest releases.
The physical stores where you go there to talk, chill, listen to music and then...

> The shock of realizing that details about your life—or, in some cases, an entire narrative of it—have been shared online without your consent or knowledge has become a pivotal experience in the lives of many young teens and tweens.

I have the secret wish that one day all my family and friends stop using WhatsApp in favor of more secure and non-Facebook solution like Threema

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