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The build of Castor & Pollux by @wntrblm went smoothly. The module with his glowing stars is wonderful in the night. My kids said it is the prettiest.
And the packaging is 5 stars ! Love it.
I really had a great time soldering it.

Plaits, Akemie’s Taiko and Data Bender are used in this exercice to produce computer like sounds.

I am looking for a nice trekking route of 3 days and 2 nights in the western Swiss Alps. Do you have any recommendations ?

Exploration of the Melotus Versio by @noiseeng.
The lead is 4ms Ensemble Oscillator into Melotus Versio and then Data Bender.

Dont’t like receiving a auto renewal confirmation from @raindrop_io. Now, I paid one year of a service I do not use anymore. It would be nice to get a mail a few days before that informes about the renewal.

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