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What is your diff tool of choice ? I'm currently using Kaleidoscope but I'm looking for an terminal based alternative.

RT The new color contrast feature in Firefox's Accessibility Dev Tools is fantastic. When there's not one contrast ratio (because inconsistent background), it will show what the contrast ranges between (eg between fail and AA).


“Microsoft is building a Chromium-powered web browser that will replace Edge on Windows 10 - Windows Central”

Foehn v1 is public. Already thinking about v2. There are so many possible improvements.

RT “A set of 10 cards, that basically translate all the relevant parts of WCAG in heuristics you can more easily work with.”

Brilliant work by


Dear Internet,
I have kids and a new MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, is gone. It saved my old MacBook Air so many times when kids were running around the table.
Is there any good alternative ? What do you suggest ?

This book is so much fun. Can’t wait to collect data with the kids.

`aupdate changelog^[:wq`

When your computer is slow .... fortunately, the new one is on his way.

But since it's our Christmas present, my wife forbade me to touch it before Christmas Eve. 😓

Funkify is a great plugin to demonstrate and test some disabilities on the web.

I wasn't expecting to read something so emotional in the Method.
I'm only halfway through the book. But I recommend it.

First day of was 5 stars out of 5. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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