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Don’t Stop Learning

A response to the feedback from a tweet from long, long ago (okay, it’s been ten days).

Looking for the webfont version of Obviously by

Nice job on typography in — A Typographic Christmas - iA Writer: The Focused Writing App

I tested all the major iOS apps for Mastodon and compared their accessibility support. You might find this useful if you're looking for an app that will help you be a good citizen on the Fediverse: #iOS #Accessibility #A11y #MastodonApps


More fundamentals! Less frameworks!

Skills with long shelf lives (unordered):

* JavaScript
* Progressive Enhancement
* Accessibility
* Typography
* Usability
* Design
* Clean Code and writing Testable Code

Lots of gold here:




When you hire a professional, you pay a lot now.

When you hire an amateur, you pay a lot later.


Wahoo a big THANKS YOU to the whole team.
The t-shirt is so classy. 👌

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