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After testing kDrive for almost 3 months, I am leaving Dropbox for the @infomaniak solution.
What made me switch:

My data is hosted in Switzerland
My data is not analyzed
Green datacenter
The legal fort is in Switzerland
Cheaper than Dropbox
Identical functionality

Merci M. Uderzo pour tous ces rires que vos dessins m’ont procuré. Astérix et Obélix, c’est toute ma jeunesse. J’espère que ça sera celle de mes enfants aussi par Toutatis …

During the quarantine we go every two or three days by bike to the ponds to document their evolution from tadpole to frog. Children love it.
This is a good side of the quarantine.

No, it’s not a nightmare, it’s reality.
I hope that we will learn from it.

This graphic explains why we must limit our interactions and have a responsible attitude in order to delay the effects of this coronavirus so as not to overload the healthcare system.

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