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The long-awaited Euclidean Circles V2 and the Passive LPG 1U by @intellijel have arrived.
The Euclidean Circles is on my list since the beginning of my modular journey. I’m a big fan of euclidean rythme. I discovered them on the excellent videos by @mylarmelodies and Quincas Moreira.

Aujourd’hui, c’était le premier jour ou je retournai au travail depuis le début du confinement en mars.

The Hexmix system is completed. The @Befaco Hexpander is screwed in the rack to take care of effects sends and PFL.

What is better than having one @steadystatefate Autodyne ?
Having two of them !
One Autodyne was not enough. I purchased a second one for stereo galore in my live techno system. These compression modules make your sound punch you right in the face.

Enfin une prof qui n’utilise pas du Comic Sans dans toutes ses communications !

Thanks for this pack @jjbbllkk !
I will definitely put it in Radio Music to use it with my Arbhar.

@trysmudford @j98 Is there some place where we can ask question about the beautiful projet Utopia ? Can’t make it work under step--2.
Here’s is an exemple

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