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Me doodling about AUX SEND knobs …
This is a comment I made on @mylarmelodies’s post Patreon preview: PRE/POST SENDS Explained on Patreon

Nice video, Alex. Thanks !
At one point, I wish we can have a POST send full wet.
Imagine the AUX SEND knob acting like a balance between DRY and WE...

Looks what arrives today: Some cables from @Polar_Noise and the new Data Bender from @qubitelectronix.
This thing is awesome ! I have only played with it for a few hours and this is so much fun. It brings such musical unpredictability in your music. Droids and broken hi-fi system singin...

I have some strange issues when posting with the app.

Glitch sound is life. The Befaco Crush Delay v3 is a delay but from the Frankenstein family of delays: half a delay, half a … glitch machine.

Crush Delay v3 is a special Echo-Delay unit based on the PT2399 IC, which is able to offer 400ms of clean delay and up to 2 seconds of dirty rep...

Let’s start day 3 of “Building Design System with CUBE CSS” with @piccalilli_

Ok now the Squid has filters !!!
Come on @busycircuits. We can do an entire live with just a Squid as a sound source.

Because, you never have enough VCA. Here is the 2020 version of @mutable_instrum Veils.
I was short on VCA so I bought an elegant one from one of my favorite Eurorack manufacturer.

I received this beauty of meloDICER by @vermonagear the other day and completely forgot to post a picture of it.
The melodic sequencer that has always intrigued me is the Metropolis. It is so intuitive and easy to play with. But then the meloDICER arrives. The main difference between th...

Second board is done and the Crush Delay sandwich is now completed.
I’ve played with it a few minute and it is instant fun.
But … suddenly, the delayes have disappear. The crush sound is always there. When I move the board, delays reappear. Apparently, I have to go through some bug fixi...

First board of the Befaco Crush Delay done !
It’s time for a break.

I’m sick of having to scroll through stories to see what’s new in the eurorack/modular community. Please, people and manufacturers that have a website, publish on it and not only on social media.
But please, please, please, not only Instagram stories. That is the worst.
In order of (my)...

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