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Here’s a 180sec live improvisation available on ADSR Genva’s Youtube channel. Thanks to them !

This is awesome ! Swisstopo data are now available free of charge as Open Government Data in geo- and download services.

I’m selling a Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 8 on Ricardo. It’s a great sequencer but I need some space in my modular synth

My DIY eurorack case is finally finished. The last missing rails arrived today.

Good time to re-re-listen to this awesome Roulé & Crydamoure Mix mix by @boysnoize

In 96, I was 16 year old and in a party organised by friends and I heard this. Thanks for all.

I never own a Clouds. I was waiting for the v2. And here is Beads. After some hours playing with it, it looks like it will be often used in my patch. It sound so niiiice !

The new Metropolix looks awesome. I was thinking buying the Metropolis. I’m glad I haven’t done it.
Now, I’m waiting for the techno-ish demo of it by @mylarmelodies

Testing the new version of indiekit. Hope it will syndicate this note 🤞

Work in progress. A 14U x 104hp Eurorack case with Konstant Lab PSU and MDLR Case rails

Does somebody use @heyhey for work but for personal use ?
The feature that would make me use “hey for work” are the collections.
What is your experience? Is it really useful?

I was in the hunt for a delay. Great news, Imitor Versio is one !
Second great news is that it can be a lot more. It can be updated by USB and be a kick ass reverb for exemple.

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