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Today, my 9yo daughter learned to do a little website for the first time. She listed her friends. Girls are written in purple and boys in blue. And that brought to her (and me) an enormous smile.
Thanks to HTML, CSS ans @codepen

On jouait à ce jeu quand on avait la vingtaine avec nos amis. C’était vraiment des chouettes moments.
Ça fait tout drôle maintenant d’apprendre à jouer à Elixir à nos enfants. Mais les fou rires sont toujours au rendez-vous.
Saperlipopette !

@LiebeFonts Hi 👋, LiebeHeide looks awesome. I wonder if you plan to release it as a webfont ?

I watched @mylarmelodies’s video about the Metropolis dozen of times. To be honest, this is one of the video that get me into Eurorack.
I was fascinated by the imediacity of the Metropolis. Since then, it was on my « someday I will have one » list.
Four weeks ago the good folks of @inte...

Here’s a 180sec live improvisation available on ADSR Genva’s Youtube channel. Thanks to them !

This is awesome ! Swisstopo data are now available free of charge as Open Government Data in geo- and download services.

I’m selling a Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 8 on Ricardo. It’s a great sequencer but I need some space in my modular synth

My DIY eurorack case is finally finished. The last missing rails arrived today.

Good time to re-re-listen to this awesome Roulé & Crydamoure Mix mix by @boysnoize

In 96, I was 16 year old and in a party organised by friends and I heard this. Thanks for all.

I never own a Clouds. I was waiting for the v2. And here is Beads. After some hours playing with it, it looks like it will be often used in my patch. It sound so niiiice !

The new Metropolix looks awesome. I was thinking buying the Metropolis. I’m glad I haven’t done it.
Now, I’m waiting for the techno-ish demo of it by @mylarmelodies

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