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Bravo 👏🇨🇭⚽️ @sfv_asf Ce match de malade !
Et en plus, l’orage a fait peter notre routeur en pleine partie. On a finit le match sur le natel dans notre salon.

When @busycircuits drops a new deep dive video about the Squid Salmple, you watch it and realize again that this module is a real powerhouse.
Here, I explore one of the techniques presented in the video. The BIA is love sampled and played three times in scale. A lot of randomisation is ...

Steppy by @intellijel is here !
It was oit of stock almost everywhere but the good guys at @ElevatorSound had some.
I grab one mainly for two things:

Trigger drums
Trigger reset for the sequencer like the meloDICER to create some variation

But of course, these are not the only two thi...

OK now I simply can’t wait to be in 2022 for the Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Squid Salmple by @busycircuits is in my rack since the beginning of my modular journey. It was here to serve as drum module but rapidly discovered that it can be a lot more. I used it as an enveloppe generator when I had none of them, I recorded LFOs in it when I got none of them, i...

@ListentoBlast The Contact Form on your website do not work. I get a “403 Error”

Blast (@ListentoBlast) looks very intriguing.

It’s an easy way to stream studio quality audio
All content expires after 24 hours so there’s no pressure
Easy (no-brain) setup

The about page has really good arguments for that kind of service.

Being heard is a fundamental human need. An...

Les CFF arrivent à rehausser tous les quais de gare. On doit pouvoir mettre des textes alternatifs sur les images.

Très chouette après-midi passée au Fort de Chillon. Sortie idéale pour les journées pluvieuses. C’est hyper didactique et ont peut tout toucher. Les enfants ont adorés.

Finally, I get my first @wmdevices module. The Fracture was for a long time on my radar. Now, it sit in my rack doing quirky clap and bottle sounds.

I bought a domain on @infomaniak and setup mails for my whole family with @heyhey for domains. Everything was done on an old school iPad in 30min. That’s great UX.

Just in case, the pictures from me you see on Twitter or Mastodon have alternate texte on my website.

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