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C’est dingue le nombre de personnes perdues dans ce CHUV. Il y a quelques améliorations de signalétique à faire.
Ça fait quinze minutes que je suis en salle d’attente et il y a déjà cinq personnes qui se sont adressées à la mauvaise réception. Sans compter le mal que j’ai eu à trouver o...

Finally !
I finally added an [Akemie’s Taiko] ( from [@busycircuits] ( to my rack. This module has always been in the back of my mind since I got started with modular synthesizers. All thanks to the videos of [Knobs] (htt...

Pretty happy with the 104hp 7U system I built for vacation. I love doing some noise in the garden.
Who can guess the modules ?

Day 15: Two weeks in the hospital. I was supposed to do a stress test on Friday which would get me out. But, I was warned on Thursday that there was no availability for this test until Tuesday July 27th and that I had to stay 5 more days.
It’s crazy that for scheduling issues, we make p...

Day 13: I could have gotten out today after stress testing. But I was told yesterday that there won’t be a spot until Tuesday.
So I have to:

wait at least 5 days before returning,
spend my birthday in the hospital,
and cancel our vacation.

You will understand, it’s not so fun.

Jour 1...

Le médecin me demande comme ça va. Je lui répond « on en a gros ».
Après son départ, je me demande où est-ce que j’ai entendu ça.
C’était là.
C’est quand même la honte.

Day 10: Apparently it’s not today that I’m going out of the hospital

Day 9: I am still in the hospital. I don’t do heart block anymore. The arrhythmia is getting better. But I still have to stay at least until tomorrow. I am always connected 24 hours a day to a computer. I cannot leave this floor of the CHUV. The walk that I can do is made up of two para...

Day 7: I have been in hospital for a week. Today there is change. We are in Switzerland and it is Sunday. So we had some Swiss plaited loaf for breakfast.
On the health side, things are starting to get better. But I have to wait until Monday to get to the bottom of it. There is no docto...

Day 4: I continue to take my antibiotic treatment by being connected all day long to this device which allows to monitor the state of my heart.

The last episode of with Papernoise is really interesting.
The discussion goes around the process to build a good modular synth interface, product styleguide vs organic design, where to put jacks, etc.
If your are into modular synth, product design, go check it out !

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