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Trying again to cross-post to Twitter using indiekit.
Yep, you are right. This is a test.

The italics in the latest version of MD IO font by @mass_driver_tm are excellent. Great balance between readability and quirkiness.
I’m using it in my editor since 9 month and it has become my coding font of choice.

Perhaps one day, I will be able to make indiekit syndicate my content. It was was working for a moment but suddenly not anymore …

Just in case, I’m selling a Rosie from Make Noise on Ricardo. It’s an excellent output module.

Avant toute chose, le rose n’est pas une couleur qui me dérange. Mais je ne suis pas du tout fan du nouveau sponsoring de @qoqa_ch pour le @hc_ajoie_off.
Un club doit pouvoir représenter ses couleurs au lieu de celle d’une marque. Et là on est clairement dans de l’équipement « sapin de ...

The educational and sharing aspect of @wntrblm) « Speak to me » really attract me.
When in vacation with the whole family, the 15 kids around always asked me what I was doing with this case full of cool knobs (my eurorack travel/vacation system).
Instead of looking for a (charged) speak...

Compare 2 is my first @joranalogue module and my first logic module.
Right now I’m doing some tests like creating rhythm based on tempo synced LFOs or launching events based on melody.
I feel like I’m going to have a good time with this one.

Sentier des biches à l’envers depuis les Pléiades.
Vue depuis Lally sur le lac Léman

C’est dingue le nombre de personnes perdues dans ce CHUV. Il y a quelques améliorations de signalétique à faire.
Ça fait quinze minutes que je suis en salle d’attente et il y a déjà cinq personnes qui se sont adressées à la mauvaise réception. Sans compter le mal que j’ai eu à trouver o...

Finally !
I finally added an [Akemie’s Taiko] ( from [@busycircuits] ( to my rack. This module has always been in the back of my mind since I got started with modular synthesizers. All thanks to the videos of [Knobs] (htt...

Pretty happy with the 104hp 7U system I built for vacation. I love doing some noise in the garden.
Who can guess the modules ?

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