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Une vidéo super intéressante de @tomvillaoff qui propose une course en fauteuil roulant à travers Paris. Cela permet de rendre un petit peu compte des difficultés des quotidiens des personnes qui doivent se déplacer en fauteuil. Ces galères sont présentées avec le sourire.

C’est un petit aperçu des quelques problèmes d’accessibilité de notre société. Et n’oublions pas qu’il y a d’autres types de handicaps et que se déplacer n’est pas la seule problématique.

Je dois…

Nice !
@ericasynths stand with the people of Ukraine !

> Erica Synths continues to stand with the people of Ukraine and we will donate all of the income - both manufacturing costs and profit - from our sales of several instruments to humanitarian aid organizations helping in Ukraine and providing support where it is needed the most.
> – EricaSynths - MUSIC FOR PEACE

Here is a new book to add to my collection of books about Swiss Romand patois. In addition, I really appreciate the modern layout with the use of lemanic typeface by lo-ol Types.

Le 8 juin, @LesCFringants jouent en Belgique et le 9 en France. Ça sentirait presque bon pour les voir à Pully Lavaux à l’heure du Québec du 5 au 11 juin.

> Hackers all around the world: target Russia in the name of
> let them know we do not forgive, we do not forget.
> Anonymous owns fascists, always.
> — @YourAnonNews

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine 🇺🇦.
I find it crazy that in 2022 we come to such extremes!

Yesterday, @daftpunk streamed their 1997 Live at Mayan Theater in Los Angeles.

This is the best sound to start the day.

Amen to this:

> I’ve built design systems enough to see a trend. You use a CSS framework you save time now, but fight it in the future. You take the time to write custom CSS now with documentation and the future in mind, you don’t fight it down the road. Pick your battle.
> — @frostyweather

Boom ! Here comes Entity Ultra-Kick by @SteadyStateFate.

It is very promising after the few tests I have been able to do.
On the other hand, I don’t think my neighbors will appreciate it very much 😬

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