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Dear Internet,
I have kids and a new MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, is gone. It saved my old MacBook Air so many times when kids were running around the table.
Is there any good alternative ? What do you suggest ?

This book is so much fun. Can’t wait to collect data with the kids.

`aupdate changelog^[:wq`

When your computer is slow .... fortunately, the new one is on his way.

But since it's our Christmas present, my wife forbade me to touch it before Christmas Eve. 😓

Funkify is a great plugin to demonstrate and test some disabilities on the web.

I wasn't expecting to read something so emotional in the Method.
I'm only halfway through the book. But I recommend it.

First day of was 5 stars out of 5. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

iOS est compatible avec l’expression « 22, voilà les flics »

I hear that too often:

When you say to the customer
"Your interface is not accessible"

and he answer
"No need, it is for internal use"

Paper advantages

- Easy to archive
- Less distraction during meetings
- Electrically independant
- Wifi independant
- Tearable / foldable
- I can drop it or sit on it
- Cheap
- Resolution 5760 DPI
- File format agnostique
- We use real pens
- Recyclable

Digital advantages:

- Easy to correct
- Searchable
- We can have all the pages we need and which sort we want (dotted, ligned, etc)
- Infinity of pens and colors
- Backup

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Asking myself if I will go back to paper for my . I’ve tested GoodNote App for 3 month now and I have not come across any real advantage over paper.

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