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Just curious, where do you buy your vinyl records ?
I used to buy them online on Bleep. But I just discovered that, you can buy them on Bandcamp, so I just ordered some of Accidental Records latest releases.
The physical stores where you go there to talk, chill, listen to music and then...

> The shock of realizing that details about your life—or, in some cases, an entire narrative of it—have been shared online without your consent or knowledge has become a pivotal experience in the lives of many young teens and tweens.

I have the secret wish that one day all my family and friends stop using WhatsApp in favor of more secure and non-Facebook solution like Threema

indiekit seems to be an excellent solution for Micropub endpoint. For sure, I will give it a try.

This is a new test to syndicate content to another silo.

This is another test to publish with POSSE model. Finger crossed …

The F533 FAY is the perfect pouch for my

The F533 FAY is the perfect pouch for my

Argh !


"Why do I need a 4Ghz quadcore to run facebook?" This is why. A single word split up into 11 HTML DOM elements to avoid adblockers.


Microsoft, you have done a great commercial. Il love it.


Just aired: Our commercial.
When everybody plays, we all win.


Two minute video on supporting keyboard-only users from
Links to video in its channel.

Fantastic article

"Much like the “Ultimate breaks and beats” compilation, an open source repository is like a free sample library for code. Anyone can look at our code, take it and re-use it in a way that works for them."

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