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10 ans plus tard, notre bouteille de Suze est vide. Nous l’avions acheté pour notre mariage.

Amis lausannois (et d’en peut plus loin), allez voir la nouvelle revue de Lausanne. Comme l’année passé, on passé une soirée à se bidonner du début à la fin du spectacle.

I was concerned that the commands of the quadrax were too complicated.
After a few days of use it turns out that it is quite simple to remember the different functions and key combinations. There are just the LFO forms that are hard to remember. But other than that it’s really a nice mo...

We are building a monster marble run. Not sure if it’s a game for dad or the kids…

For all wine and modular synthesizers lovers, instead of throwing away the wooden cases of your favorite wines, recycle them into low cost Eurorack cases. With the help of a @tiptopaudio μZEUS, it does job.
Santé !

Hi @malekkoheavy ! Is there a way to set Varigate8 clock input on 24 ppqn ? Thx

My first envelope generator and first @Intellijel module, the Quadrax.
I’m just waiting the kids to go to school to play with it.

Why when I do a simple Codepen to test/demonstrate simple concept, I can’t resist to change the system font to a better one ?
Is this what it is to be a typography addict?

When I need calm, “Saman” by Ólafur Arnalds is one of the songs I listen to very often. it is so beautiful and soothing. I love the mechanical sound of the keys.

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