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I am looking for a nice trekking route of 3 days and 2 nights in the western Swiss Alps. Do you have any recommendations ?

Exploration of the Melotus Versio by @noiseeng.
The lead is 4ms Ensemble Oscillator into Melotus Versio and then Data Bender.

Dont’t like receiving a auto renewal confirmation from @raindrop_io. Now, I paid one year of a service I do not use anymore. It would be nice to get a mail a few days before that informes about the renewal.

Hello droid !
My first plan (but not the only one) is to configure a drum sequencer with this Droid modules.

Un beau discours de Louis Jucker aux Prix suisses de musique 2021 en faveur de la musique alternative en Suisse

Meilleure nouvelle de la journée.
Peut-être que ça faire switcher certains de mes groupes de WhatsApp au courriel. (J’y crois pas trop mais on sait jamais)

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