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Can’t wait to learn what those 3 top secrets @busycircuits module are:

* ASQ-1 sequencer
* MEGA-TANG mixer ?
* the blurry one

> Imagine having enough money to end world hunger and buying a website instead
> — Emma on Twitter

> The amount Elon Musk just paid for Twitter ($44 billion) is nearly equal to Biden’s proposed climate budget ($44.9 billion), in case anyone’s wondering how seriously we’re taking the climate crisis
> — @stephensemler

The Mac I am working on at job is the slowest machine I have ever used !

I am testing @excalidraw and I really like the simplicity of it. I am able to draw what I need quickly instead of diving in millions of menus.

This why you need double vanities. One for the cat and one you can actually use.

I finally get a Contour 1 by @joranalogue !

Since I saw @DivKid video about this module, I knew that one day, I will have one of these beauties in my rack.

This is the first ST Modular devices I build. It was an easy one.

Radio is an analog FM … Radio.
I like sampling and mangling with all kinds of sound sources. I planned to use this one with Beads, Arbhar and Lúbadh in a portable case I set when on vacation

Quelle soirée le 11 septembre au Chant du Gros !
Par ordre de préférence:

* ‪Les Cowboys Fringants, @LesCFringants‬
* La Rue Ketanou, @larueketanou
* Les Petits Chanteurs à la Gueule de Bois
* Sinsemilia, @sinsemiliamusuc
* Calogero, @calogerofficiel

On y sera !

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