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The holiday eurorack system is ready

Modules are:

* Acid Rain Technology - Maestro
* ALM - Axon-1
* ALM - Pamela’s New Workout
* ALM - Squid Salmple
* ST Modular - Radio
* Befaco - STmix
* Making Sound Machines - Stolperbeates
* Making Sound Machines - Stolperbeates Expander
* Mutable instruments - Beads
* Mutable instruments - Links
* Mutable instruments - Marbles
* Mutable instruments - Stages
* Mutable instruments - Veils
* Instruo - Ochd…

Premier @paleofestival avec les enfants pour aller voir @angel_vl
Le concert favoris de la soirée à toute la famille, c’était @dubincofficial

Quoi de mieux pour fêter un anniversaire qu’une excellente table. Nous nous sommes régalés (!) au Café Suisse à Bex.

Nous avons craqué pour le menu été qui est composé comme suit:

* Amuse-bouche
* Melon jambon revisité
* Filet mignon de veau à la mirabelle
* Chariot de fromage
* La surprise sucrée de la cheffe
* Mignardise

Testing the Stolperbeats Kompas combo.


The Squid Salmple is playing real drum samples.

Stolperbeats subdiv into Kompas that is muting and unmuting Stolperbeats Hihats 1 and 2 plus the pads on Perc 2.

Pads by Ensemble oscillator with Mimeophon and Data Bender as effects

New little jam with Stolperbeats. After some techno, here my beloved Radio Music in action.

Look who showed up in the mail !
I was waiting for Stolperbeats for so long that I took this picture and then jammed for two hours straight. This module is groovy as hell. I was able to play swingy wonky minimal techno I love in a few minutes. Thanks Making Sound Machines for this wonderful machine.
I will try to post some jam snippets soon.

Testing to see if I am an idiot that can’t write the name of a repo correctly

I need some help.
I’m looking for a technique to rename a bunch of files and folders. -> 2021/01/filename/ -> 2021/01/filename/ -> 2021/01/filename/

Here’s the regex I want to use:

* Regex: /(\d{4})_(\d{2})_(\d{2})_(.*).md/gm
* Substitusion: $1/$2/$4/

I’m selling some Eurorack modules (Switzerland only):

* Qu-Bit Bloom fractal sequencer
* Malekko Heavy Industry Voltage Block CV sequencers

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